Monogramming Infomation

Hey Y'all!  Thank you for visiting our page....we hope you like what you see and are here to help with all those monogramming questions! Monogramming see
ms like it can be pretty overwhelming but its really not...just follow our easy ordering and you'll love the results.
1: Monogramming 101, which letter goes where?
    Tradition monogramming reads from left to right, first, Last, middle (or maiden).
    The last name will appear larger in the middle.  When entering your requested  
     information please list them in the order you would like them to appear.
2: Married Couple, which goes where? 
   Well this actually is not an easy answer and had been up for debate for some time.
   Traditionally monogramming read the husbands first name, the LAST name and
   the wives on the right.....remember women are always right.  But over time this
   has changed and women have begun to put their name first.  I personally go with
    towels, sheets and kitchen items with the wives name first and the husband

    In today's world just do as you wish and what you think works best.

3: Monogramming? Initials? Embroidery? Vinyl?  What's What and the Difference?
    Monogramming is essentially just the placement of someones initials in the
    order of first, Last, Middle and Initials are in the order of your name First,
    Middle, Last.  Traditionally a gentleman will be his initials and a woman will get
    things monogrammed.
    Embroider vs. Vinyl: Embroidery is stitched in a ray of fonts and colors. 
    Embroidery is traditionally applied to items such as clothing, towels, blankets,
    hand bags, book bags, sheets, items of fabric, while Vinyl is applied to items
    such as water bottles, cups, ceramics and other solid hard items.
    Now there is also heat press vinyl which comes in solid colors and glittered
    colors.  This is applied with heat on fabric materials.  It is much like a screen
    print just with a thicker feeling.