Happy Wax Bamboo Lotus Eco Tin
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Happy Wax Bamboo Lotus Eco Tin

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Delightful notes of exotic fruits and tropical berries splash over the dewy freshness of delicate water lotus, blooming paradise jasmine, and pink plumeria balanced by luminous palm and aquatic musk. 

Top Notes: Green, Fruit, Tropical 

Middle Notes: Berry, Green, Jasmine, Lily 

Bottom Notes: Floral, Musk

Essential Oils: Jasmine Absolute, Tangerine, Hemp Seed

Mixes well with: Mixed Berries, Jasmine Honeysuckle

How do I get started melting?

We recommend starting with 1-2 bear in our Outlet Plug-In Warmers, and 2–3 in our Signature or Mod Warmers. Mixing melts is highly recommended! Our rule of thumb is typically to melt 2 bears at a time for 8 hours of scent time, giving you more value and "melt mileage" than other brands.